More Jobs In Haiti - The New Government Plan

With a new Prime Minister at the helm of Haiti's new Government, the focus is on Jobs, jobs, and more jobs...

According to an article by Reuters, Haitian leaders re-iterated once again that "Haiti is open for business," a message that President Martelly has been trying to push since becoming president.

The the past 4 months, It was pretty much all talk and no action...

There was no government, no prime minister, and in Haiti, a prime minister is needed to make things happen.

OK... Haiti's government is in place and Haiti is open for business... Now what???

Will the governemnt wait and pray for investors to get the message or will they MAKE SURE the 'open for business' message gets to the right ears... ears of MOGULS with BILLIONS with a 'B' and the desire to make more BILLIONS???

According to the article, Conille's government plans to modernize infrastructure and technology and establish urban and rural development zones and industrial manufacturing parks to create 1.5 million jobs in five years.

How will this happen?

Honestly... We need foreign investors and we need LOTS of them...


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Yvrance Unelus says...

I agree with you sir, cleanliness is very important for tourists to visit you.
In order to be healthy, your environment has to be clean.

Nobody feels comfortable in a dirty place.

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Rems says...

I think one of the way Haiti will have the security it needs is to place camera on the street of the country and have force laws for those who damge them and have someone investegate p.n.h for those that are bad get harsh pumishment rather then just get

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Ronald Altieri says...

Do we want education, law and order as our main priorities to the move nation forward?

Well, what do think of a non-paid and non-armed voluntary Civil Corps made up with Haitians between the age of 15 and 35; Group

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Manette says...

I need to go the make big bisness how about insecurity, if the country is safe in quite is best place to live. I come back home aigen, because I there.thak you all and good

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Dane says...

I just wanted to comment your blog and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative.

Keep it up and

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Mariaux Richard says...

The most secure way to attract investor to Haiti is to transform Haiti into a secure sanctuary.

Read carefully this pattern of cause and effect and try to understand the central Idea of the solution proposal.

First: When there is a nation where young man who does not have anything to do what happen?

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Ronald Altieri says...

Whatever the approach will be in order to get investors to look at Haiti as a potential viable and sustainable market needs to be done in conjunction with a serious sanitation and security agenda.

Everybody already knows that without a decent appearance of our environment, and a respectable security initiative, noone is going to flood the Haitian economy with their dollars.

I suggest that those of the old ways start cleaning their minds by which result they will be able to see this truth clearly.

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