Whatever the approach will be in order to get investors to...

Ronald Altieri - October 19 2011, 6:50 AM

Whatever the approach will be in order to get investors to look at Haiti as a potential viable and sustainable market needs to be done in conjunction with a serious sanitation and security agenda.

Everybody already knows that without a decent appearance of our environment, and a respectable security initiative, noone is going to flood the Haitian economy with their dollars.

I suggest that those of the old ways start cleaning their minds by which result they will be able to see this truth clearly.

Simply put, SANITATION with SECURITY must be the two legs that INVESTMENT to bring JOBS must stand on pou peyi'a ka mache.

Unless we want the investment to be in insecurity and poverty, in which case the status quo will not be affected by any thoughts of change.

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I agree with you sir, cleanliness is very important...

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