This is a 10-4 Colonel L. If you noticed, the S was missing in...

Agent-x - October 10 2011, 3:28 PM

This is a 10-4 Colonel L.
If you noticed, the S was missing in the first two Queens were missing.

I restored the[ S] on the third Queens.

Based on your writing, I know it was a mistake when you mentioned the Queens of England.

I made more mistakes than anyone on this blog because I seldom review what I wrote and always in the rush to publish them.
It was not my intention to criticize your knowledge of history; however, your syntax patterns gave your Identity away; I suspected the real identity behind Colonel L. was a regular writer that goes back all way to Preval blog era. Consequently, to verify the ID of Colonel L or the little sock wants to become big socks by calling s/he a Colonel, I decided to follow the method of Sherlock Holmes in the "A Scandal in Bohemia"
I send that signal tracer or attrape-nigaud; and guess what?

The person fell miserably into my trap by giving me feedback when s/he said,

Response to:

Colonel La,This is a reallllly seeeeriooousss matter...


President Martelly Briefs Queen Sofia of Spain

President martelly discusses very serious matters with the Queen of England in Haiti, while some of the Pulitzer Prize...

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