Agent-x, I am under the impression that you are a fairly...

Colonel La - October 10 2011, 12:35 PM

Agent-x, I am under the impression that you are a fairly intelligent person.

And given that assumption allow me to say that, while conversing about England's Queen Elizabeths I as the daughther of King Henry VIII (founder of the Anglican Church or Episcopalians) with a buddy, i was also writing the last message where i made that mistake.

I have no doubt that it is clear to everyone that was a result of a blink in concentration.

I am certain that would never have happened to you, but it happens to people to the likes of me. I thank you for pointing this out to me, and will be a bit more careful next time. A quick note, i did not write Queens of England, as you wrote, but Queen of England.

Take care!

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Colonel La,This is a reallllly seeeeriooousss matter...


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