President Martelly Briefs Queen Sofia of Spain

Colonel La - October 10 2011, 8:22 AM

President martelly discusses very serious matters with the Queen of England in Haiti, while some of the Pulitzer Prize journalists are spreading their wonderful articles criticizing him. I wonder who are these journalists meeting with, and what are they discussing about Haiti's future.

Here is an article for their reading pleasure:
Haiti - Reconstruction: The Queen Sof

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Agent-x says...

Colonel La,This is a reallllly seeeeriooousss matter since the Queen of England metamorphosis herself into Queen Sofia of Spain. I would like you to... more »

Colonel La says...

Agent-x, I am under the impression that you are a fairly intelligent person. And given that assumption allow me to say that, while conversing about... more »

Agent-x says...

This is a 10-4 Colonel L. If you noticed, the S was missing in the first two Queens were missing.I restored the[ S] on the third Queens. Based on... more »

Agent-x says...

Erratum*: The first sentence was send by mistake because I was talking in the telephone. This is a proof that multitasking is a myth because the... more »

Colonel La says...

Alright Captain, Surely you are aware that no one gives a pimple on a rat more »