Martelly allegation of Haitiano-Dominican son

Agent-y - October 4 2011, 11:58 AM

The allegation regarding Martelly Haitiano-Dominican son was first reported on BelPolitik blog and on Martelly blog by Agency-X-1804, Department Haitian Vitamin-News by reporter Agent-Y.

Like any important Breaking News, Latest News and unfolding news such as shot fired in Haiti, Haitian victimized or killed in foreign lands, natural disasters that affected Haitians, traffic disaster in Haiti, Aviation disaster in Haiti or denouncing the macoute cabal to commit mayhem in Haiti you will be the first to know because our patriots in Agency-X-1804 are the eyes and the ears of Haiti around the planet.

Agency-X-1804 has informal Haitian reporters in every Haitian community around this planet and we are focusing exclusively on news pertaining or has impact on Haiti and the Haitians community.

Haitian Vitamin-News does not make the news, it reports the news as is.
Haitian Vitamin-News department does not have an editorial section because it is striving for absolute objectivity.

However, our colleague Agent-X usually makes comments after reading Haitian Vitamin-News.

Some people equate Agent-X comments as our editorial.

We want to reiterate that Haitian Vitamin-News Department and Agent-X are under the Agency-X-104 umbrella but with different emphasis and any appearance of similarity is pure coincidence.

Our new member, Dr. Feel Bad will play a complementary role in our Agecncy.

Last week a group of treacherous low achievers, with crab mentality, macoute mentality, low self-esteem mutant, devoid of creativity who usually called themselves little this, little that, embarked themselves in a path of hostility by verbally assaulting the industrious and creative members of Agency-X-1804 and directing their anger and jealousy toward Agent-X, and Agent-Y and to our newly staff member Dr. Feel Bad.

Those mutants and low achievers, in their depth of despairs are trying to assassinate our characters and by telling the public not to read our comments.

It is the public prerogative not the cyber macoutes to decide what article to read and what article to dismiss.

Their actions clearly illustrated who are parts of the Haitian problem and who are parts of the Haitian problem solving team. History will absolve us.

They chose to attack us instead of developing their own new approach to inform, to reveal cabals and intrigues perpetrated by the traditional enemies against our country Haiti and to educate, entertain, and raise the level of pride and patriotism among the Haitians around the planet that don't know much about Haiti including Martelly alleged son. "Moune voye w

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Loser,shut-up. Just keep doing your job. You don't have better thing to do stead of wining,chirping like an old bird. You are a Lavalas huh,do... more »

Agent-x says...

Jean Pierre Alexandre,I you were lucky to have Aristide as your professor, you will not be a sub-literate today. You are incapable of expressing... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,Aristide is an agent of Satan,therefore he cannot or allowed near a school,play ground or any area where kids are,i almost forgot near... more »