Please people, relax, this is NOT United States where...

Tiba - October 4 2011, 10:05 AM

Please people, relax, this is NOT United States where candidates run for "Sainthood." This is Haiti where people run and get elected for public office for their life survival.

If this is really his son, if Martelly has a concience that reminds him "yes he had sex or a one night stand with a Dominican lady" he needs to realize that this young man may be his son. This is something that happened almost 3 decades ago when Martelly had no idea that he would be president of Haiti some day.

So I am asking everyone to just chill.

Now, Martelly should and must do the right thing after talking to his family and asking his wife for forgiveness.

He needs to take the test to establish parternity right of way without any ifs, ands, and buts.

He (Martelly) must NOT go to no RD for the test. He must get the test in Haiti since that's where the young lady then lived and got pregnant, and they young man was born. If the young man was born in Haiti as he claimed then he is Haitian natif natal and the process to determine paternity must be a Haitian process pure and simple.

And if Martelly is found to be the biological father of this young man, he must take full reponsibility and obligation toward the young man.

Martelly has the moral obligation as a leader to do the right thing by coming through for this young who may be his son.

I know that I would if it was me.

So everyone needs to back off and chill.

there will not be no impeachment proceedings, no resignation, and no coup 'd'etat either.

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