Do not Bring Back The Haitian Army - YES Or NO?

Agent-x - October 3 2011, 1:33 PM

The Republic of Haiti is not at war with its neighbor and do not expect to be at war with them. The FADH did not uses its weapons to defend Haiti against foreign invaders but only against the poor Haitians.

Take a statistics on how many bullets that were shots against whom and how many Haitians and foreign attackers were killed by the FADH.
I am challenging anyone to list at least 10 foreigners the FADH shot to defend Haiti.

The result will prove to you it is a military against the Haitian people not against foreign attack.

All the bullets the FADH have been using to kill people are against poor Haitians for the benefit of the elite commercial and foreign countries which is a disgrace.

If you have intellectual probity do the research and bring the results here on the net for every body to see unless you define foreign country as the Haitian peasants.

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Paule says...

what about the bullet use by aristid and the mafia association created by preval we not at war, what about the dominican republic they are at war more »

Guadalupe Lasso says...

There is no comparison between the Tonton Macoutes and Aristide-Preval in using bullets. The ratio is 10,000:1 meaning every time the... more »

Marise K. Jolibois says...

Nou pa vle pou milit more »

Paul Bastien says...

Ce que Haiti a besoin est une force de police bien equipee. Haiti n'a pas besoin des avions de guerre, chars et des canonnieres, car le pays n'est... more »

Paule says...

aristid may not kill 10,000 people like the duvalier a killer is a kill doesn't matter how many you kill, I heard about the killing in the duvalier... more »