Hello everybody I really agree with a force army but it our...

Wikenson Djakout - October 3 2011, 10:04 AM

Hello everybody I really agree with a force army but it our case it should be a long term project because now we have so many things to do more important than rebuild the force army .when people in cite soleil, bel air and so on will have a decent life?

When au cap, aux cayes, jeremie jacmel will have their own universities?why invest $50.000.000 in 3500 people why not invest that money to reinforce our police with everyday saying they are ready to work but no epuipments why not using that money to get more police officers with different tasks like in United States, France ect president martelly you are my president but I think u should think about your decision for the good benefits of our nation.

Wikenson djakout pale sak pa kontan anbakeeeeeeeeeee men bon analyse

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i'm completly agree with the thesis of our president...

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