Good afternoon I wish the senator was so loud when the country...

Elisabeth - September 28 2011, 4:39 PM

Good afternoon I wish the senator was so loud when the country had a ghost for president now Iam truly desappointed in senator steven Benoit I tought he has some common sense the fact is our elected president Michel Martelly has no trust in neither of the other elected official we have seen the country in really bad shape and none of you so called senator try to fix it now the president has is own plan and he feels that none of you are truly ready to give up your partisan and poket and put the country first and this is what our beloved elected president is trying to do at this time and the country is behind him and trust his judgement the president is the first one who is really following the constitution he is the first one talking about education for all the children of Haiti please tell me how did you help Haiti since you became a senator what are you accomplishment I really thought of you as someone serious and willing to help the president and his fight against corruption and restore La fierte de la perle des antilles too bad that steven Benoit join the opposition but the fact is president Martelly will be the winner
He wants positive change for the country not a lot talking doing nothing like the senator use to do gro paletot pale francais surette, we the Haitians in the Diaspora support our President.

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