A friend of mine has brought my attention to this screen as...

Jean-marie Desinor - September 28 2011, 6:25 AM

A friend of mine has brought my attention to this screen as reseach study for an Graduate school essary.

And let me just say, bravo, because you read a lot on this screen looking for spicy and juicy stories, always looking for bon ti zinzin.

But there are mental patients out there who talk to themselves through this screen, because they have bipolar or split personalities.

These kind of people post their cwn contraversial topics and answer them in any radical and irrational fashion that soothes their ego for the day.
Agent-x and Agent y is one of those personalities.

WARNING do not get involved in any e-conversations which are contrary to your own character.

You are warned and now you are on your own.
Jean-Marie Desinor
Pshychology Major

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