The Trial Of Jean Claude Duvalier - Amnesty International Vs Duvalier Supporters

Amnesty International published a report today pushing for the trial of Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier in Haiti BUT pro-Duvalier protesters stormed into the press conference asking Amnesty International to GET OUT... Wiiii pitit... Lobey pete nan sal la... Anmweyyy... LOL...

Amnesty International screams "TRIAL for the criminal!"

Duvalierist shout back "Forgive and forget... Stop trying to DIVIDE us..."

The conference took place at Le Plaza Hotel, Thursday 22 September 2011.

As representatives of Amnesty International presented their argument in the published 40-page report containing previously unpublished testimony by dozens of political prisoners who were jailed and tortured during the Duvalier Regime, protesters bum rushed the conferences room.

"Get out!" Osner Fevry said, "We don't need people to come to divide us."

According to the Associated Press, the protesters accused the Amnesty International visitors as "imperialists" trying to promote DIVISION in Haiti.

Do you agree?

Duvalier attorney Reynold Georges said that Amnesty International investigators are ignoring post-Duvalier crimes for political reasons while Jean Claude Duvalier is being persecuted in his own country, the Associated press said.

Kom si la-a... Renold Georges vle di Aristide ak Preval 'KonpliX' comme dit Tonto Bicha...

Ooooooo Keuuuuu...

The guardian asks...

"Will 'Baby Doc' Duvalier ever face justice in Haiti?"

My question?

Should Duvalier face justice in Haiti OR...

Should Duvlierists, Lavalas, De Facto, FHRAP, ARISTIDEists, PREVALists, MARTELLYists, and all the living Pro-Whatevers focus on post-earthquake Haiti and the reconstruction of country that badly needs one, both physically and emotionally???

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Monel says...

Mr. Phoenix griffin, I know Duvalier still your best hope, not for Haiti, our country got its own hope, let Haiti move on the way you see it gonna be.
Bro, Duvalier is a monster, criminal and thieves etc. where are you now?

On the land or on another planet .you have to listen the voices of people, even simple citizen, civil's society, political parties, human rights organizations international or local, Canada,onu, except a little group like you who blood's thirsty thought Baby doc still a hope for Haiti, otherwise all the above that I've been mentioned lifted voices against former criminal dictator Jean Claude Duvalier.

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Phoenix Griffin says...

Duvalier is still Haiti's best hope! He is not the monster Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas like to claim.

Aristide is corrupt.

Put him on

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Brian Andrew says...

Akele Ibo where were your family in the 1600?

Could not do anything to stop the trade to the West, uuh?

Your name is as fake as your assumption that I work for the

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Akele Mandigo Ibo says...

Warning to all Haitians: This Brian Andrew is an agent provocateur from the FBI. Do not reply to his provocations because he got paid to harass the Haitians.

The best thing to do is to ignore him.
We will get you and your government out of Haiti in your underwear Brian Andrew.

F82k y6u. To completed this puzzle: F82k y6u. Look at your phone pad and replace the numbers with the letters.F82k y6u power

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Brian Andrew says...

Sir, Rest assured that the revolution of 1791 that you are so proud of will never happen again.

It was a fluke accident due to Napoleon over confidence and his over heated ego. He underestimated the number of the slave population in saint Domingue thus failed to send proper ammunition.

Slight calculation on his part. It is one of the reasons as to why Napoleon loss control over Louisiana in the States.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Brian, what's happen to those native Americans?

So, the natives were only men?

No children, women native Americans at that time?

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Brian Andrew says...

Okay would you like me to call you boy instead?

No, you are wrong as usual about Africa...speaking of which I would like my Country to start a Program to send people like you back to Africa to where is your real motherland.

Don't worry transportation and food will be on us, as usual.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Brian, remember it's guys like that F U C K Africa left and right, day and night.

So don't give me that Mother Theresa looks and BULL'S H I T.
Your time is over, these tricks cannot work over and over.
You are an hypocrite B A S T A R D, please don't call me sir.
Shove that sir up your A S

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Brian Andrew says...

People like you deserve no sympathy, you disrespect your children and women.

Yet you want others to respect them. You have no respect for human life. You just proved it, sir. Just because you know 5 words in 5 foreign languages does not make you multilingual.

Go tell that garbage to the mountains while you are heading there.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Brian, stop behaving like a B L O O D Y C U N T, i know you understand.

I can understand more than five languages perfectly well and that's not included Romanians and Greek.

I am very sure you can only write English only.


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