Agent-X thinks that Jean Pierre Alexander did not have father...

Agent-x - September 27 2011, 7:26 PM

Agent-X thinks that Jean Pierre Alexander did not have father, mother and relatives to help him out as a child as a child and was influenced by the people in the underworld.

That is why he has an obsession with vulgarities and a fixation with real and imaginary murders
Agent-X disagreed with the death penalty.

You cannot do the same thing you are reproaching them. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right.

Jean Claude Duvalier and the bad tonton macoutes should go to trial and face life imprisonment.

Since they are too old to do forced labor, Agent-X suggest an alternative to make them useful while they are in prison
Put them in individual cage at various locations around the country and charge a fee let say $ 2.00 per hour to visit them. They may charge $0.50 for autographs, and $6.00 per hour for history session.

Only Haitian could visit them because we don

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Mr. Alexandre, In the name of Haitian solidarity, I...

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Agent-x says: ^Only Haitian could visit them because...

Duvalier is still Haiti's best hope! He is not the...

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