Are we talking about case or CASES. Minutah needs better...

Kenold Pierre - September 23 2011, 11:37 PM

Are we talking about case or CASES.

Minutah needs better supervisions because Johnny 's case is not the only one .Let's not just sweep things under the rugs, We have to keep our eyes open and pay more attentions to details.

their mission is to help Haiti not to destroy.

As far as I know we are vitims of their presence on our land, Kolera, rapes girls and boys, voler gabrit, even send our women to hospitals ak fo bagay, this is so hurtful and disrespectful, fe kadejack sou mesdam nou yo, Ampil nan ka sa yo pa janm rapote .I cannot go against the president' s will but I 'll never forgive minustah in a million years

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