Duvalier terror trigged the haitian exodus into exile after 1957

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 22 2011, 11:08 AM

Agent-x says

The Duvalier regime of terror was to blame for the massive exodus of Haitian into exile.

Agent-X is asking the university students majoring in statistics to find out the approximate numbers of Haitian outside of Haiti and to do a breakdown by country.

I read in the 1970's that in Cuba alone we have 3/4 of a million of Haitians residing there or the so called veyos.

Dodof Legros had a song called ♫♪♫♪ Matilda, Matilda, Matilda ki bam gnou coup li parti lal Cuba ♪♫♫♫♫♪.



Posted by Agent-x on 9/21/11 11:57 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre says:

Agent-x, are you sure of that?

I cannot say anything or fight with you on this because i was not even close to exist, my Father was still in Grammar school.

Only one thing i know for sure, no strait mind Haitians would travel or intersted to go abroad if not education purposes.

Parasites leave the country due to their own disturbance.

If you F U C K with him, well you better have a way out of the country,"scaping route".

To my understanding only loosers claims they run out of Haiti because of Duvalier.

Becareful, Agent-x.
Get your history strait when i am around.

The mass exodus flooded under those monkeys after Jean Claude Duvalier.

Under Papa Doc only political, chickens,useless men like you runs like a jack- rabbit.

Useless man.


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