Communique # 2 regarding MINUSTAH

Agent-x - September 16 2011, 1:34 PM

◙ since 1915 the Forces Armees d'Haiti-F.A.D.H. has been serving at the pleasure and to the selfish interests of foreign nations, multinational corporations and the Haitian bourgeoisie.

◙ The F.A.D.H. has been a tool of oppression to the sons and daughters of Dessalines.

◙ The F.A.D.H. worked as an immigration deportation section or executioners against progressive Haitian Head of States that have tried to solve the Haitian economic problems.

President Dumarsais Estime, Daniel Fignole, and Jean Bertrand Aristide are example of this.
◙ The Duvalierists macoute who is pro imperialist is a scrooge that continues to be an incubus on the mind of more than 100,000 families whose loved ones the Duvalier regime killed and to millions other that the Duvalier's regime atrocities affected directly or indirectly their lives.

The former Governor General of Canada Michael Jean is a vivid example of people who were indirectly affected by the Duvalier regime.

We hope the day will come when the Haitian linguistic Academy will add the name of Duvalier to the Ayisyen lexicon with the meaning of assassin.

◙ MINUSTAH committed serial blunders, plunders, abominations, abuses in Haiti because the Western media stance against Haiti.

The Western media has been indoctrinating [brainwashing] people against Haiti since several generations and such actions paved the way and renders possible MINUSTAH

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We will make sure of that,the new Army will be a real army with an iron first and balls. If any women,these women will have clits of steel. SORRY... more »

Agent-x says...

Food for thought Remember how boss paint end up-> He was eating his own excrements. Remember how ti bobo died -> He tasted his ow medicine. Remember... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,Aristide is a useless man. Aristide will eat his own S H I T too before he dies. Tibobo never use to kill babies and he eat sheeet. Aristide... more »

Agent-x says...

The hell with you Jean Pierre. Everybody knows that Aristide is the best president that Haiti ever had, and that he is not responsible for Minustha... more »

Agent-x says...

Agent-X did not write the blog in quotes mentioned below. This is the case of the usual suspect playing game again. ""Agent-x Says..The hell with... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,the tire burning,gasoline in Haiti is over,"pelebrin". We will hang you and Aristide very high on the tree top if you think you guys can... more »