Food for thought Remember how boss paint end up- He was...

Agent-x - September 17 2011, 3:23 PM

Food for thought
Remember how boss paint end up-> He was eating his own excrements.

Remember how ti bobo died ->He tasted his ow medicine.

Remember how Francos Duvalier died->Even the zombies were scared of him.
Remember how the criminal and coward madame Max Aldolphe fled from Haiti and ends up during her last moments.

And the list continues ad nauseam...

Be careful when you are talking about Aristide.

Aristide is revered and well known around the planet for his intellectual might and his humanitarian platform.

Francois Duvalier, Jean Claude Duvalier are well known around the planet for their notorieties including but not limiting to mass murders, stealing,gross and serial violation of human.

rights, gangsterism,rape, exuality,human sacrifices in various cities including in the national palace, sou Belair, etc

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We will make sure of that,the new Army will be a real...


Communique # 2 regarding MINUSTAH

◙ since 1915 the Forces Armees d'Haiti-F.A.D.H. has been serving at the pleasure and to the selfish interests of...

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Agent-x,Aristide is a useless man. Aristide will eat...

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