Yes, I would very much like to see them leaving because I...

Bernadette - September 9 2011, 9:48 PM

Yes, I would very much like to see them leaving because I don't think they are helping Haiti any.
UN is a complete failure politically, socially and internationally.

UN was a good idea but failed to implement that ideology into doable programs.

MINUSTAH could have worked better if they were not immune to impunity like any other army personnel.

MINUSTSH was given too much power with very little supervision.

As we know, too much power without accountability is corruption.

Frankly speaking, I would like to see every child, man, and woman heavily armed, just like the old western USA style.

An armed society is a polite society.

But you know what, it is too bad that those Haitians victimized by the MINUSTAH can't afford to hire lawyers to sue those SOB's as CIVILIANS especially if it can be proven that these criminal acts were committed outside of "working hours";That they were not working on behalf of UN but were savagely and maliciously taking advantage of poor and vulnerable people around the world but especially Haiti.

If the Haitian Diaspora mean business about helping Haiti, this is a perfect opportunity for all lawyers in-country and abroad to put together to seek legal and social justice for those victimized by the MINUSTAH.

Hit them hard where it really counts: Their wallets.

They have fat pensions, houses, cars, bonuses, business investments, seize EVERYTHING!!

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