Hell yes. this is not the 1st case.I'm really tired hearing...

Kenold Pierre - September 9 2011, 10:25 PM

Hell yes.

this is not the 1st case .I'm really tired hearing stuff like that.

something like that happenned in Port-au -prince between 99 and 2000, 7 Afgan soldiers raped a little boy right inside their camp.

Remember haitian is our blood :Even we do not leave in Haiti, When things of this nature strike one of us :we all get hurt and upset.Even I'm not a violent man I feel like puttnig a bullet in someone'head, They have to also remember UN was our idea and we are a founded member of the corps, we deserve respect from these dogs .they do more damages than goods .They feel so comfortable they even by land in Haiti, eat our goats, sheeps, they do not shoot our beefs because they cannot carry them .All they have to do :Help train more haitians for security reasons and get the hell out of Haiti PLease tell Bob sometime haitians can be divergent but this time we all convergent, Thank you

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