The Haiti Judge, on the case, received a medical report that...

Alister Wm Macintyre - September 6 2011, 12:22 AM

The Haiti Judge, on the case, received a medical report that the boy was in fact sexually assaulted.

The UN and Uruguay investigations are not looking at the evidence provided to the Haiti Judge.

They are looking at evidence which does not show that anything happened as bad as the evidence provided to the Haitian judicial system.

Thus, different people, looking at different evidence, come to different conclusions.

Under the UN military agreement with Haiti, actions by troops outside of their orders, which this incident was, are to be dealt with not by Haiti Government, not by UN authorities, but by the home nation of the troops.

So was this illegal in Uruguay?

They do recognize the crime of rape against women, and may do a better job of protecting their women than Haiti does.
It is not clear that they recognize a homosexual assault as being a crime.

The video was made by a UN soldier, shared with Haitians because of the trading of music recordings on cell phones.

The judge has their testimony.

What is needed is for the different investigations to share their evidence.

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