CNN Downplays Haiti MINUSTAH Rap Case

Regarding the allegation of the 18 year old boy raped by MINUSTAH soldiers in Port Salut Haiti, CNN has just released an article stating that "the video obtained by CNN does not show a sex act."

MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti

CNN says...

The one-minute video [a cell-phone video being circulated in Haiti], obtained by CNN, shows a young man with his shorts down being subdued by several men in military uniforms. The alleged victim is on a mattress, facing down, while several men hold his arms and hands behind his back.

At the beginning of the video the alleged victim is slapped in the face. He screams several times while the alleged perpetrators laugh. The laughter grows louder as a seemingly naked man approaches the alleged victim from behind. The young man is subsequently released and the video ends. The video obtained by CNN does not show a sex act.


There is only one tape... Was there or wasn't there a rape?

Let us wait to hear the results of the investigation... in the mean time, Port-Salut Haiti is heated and they believe a young man was raped.

What do you think?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

The new world order controlled by the same blood line elites just different branch of the elite tree.
Therefore all TV news included Puerto Rico TV news are controlled in the USA.
You are what they want you to be.
Most of those news are owned by the same owner"General

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Rolande says...

Was it for nothing those men were naked or was there a purpose to all this, the wondering mind is asking and of course everyone wants to know what really happened when the obvious is right there ...

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

When MINUSTAH first came to Haiti, there was chaos due to the coup against Aristide, so an agreement was reached, which many people today do not like the consequences.


The boss of MINUSTAH is the UN Security Council, which periodically reviews what's going on, based on what they are told by MINUSTAH.

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

Haitians are not to blame for all of Haitian problems.

This link introduces you to USA role in preventing Haiti from solving the sanitation challenges.

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...


Your answer is not relevant to the Uruguayan assault on a Haitian teenager, however it deserves a reply.

I access what is available in my country at reasonable

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Solidarite Internationale says...

Unsurprinsingly haitians are doing worst than that to their fellow haitians.

First Who brought MINUSTAH to haiti don't treat them as invaders.

Otherwise who legally invited them?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

CNN is suck, Al-Jazeera give real news their are not corrupt yet by the USA.
Only controlled minds people like CNN, you know what i mean! Zombies like the Americans folks whom don't even know where is

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Alister, only ignorant people listen or even pays attention to CNN.

If you want more of some real news"AL JAZEERA"is the way to go.
So far so good they are not corrupt

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

The Haiti Judge, on the case, received a medical report that the boy was in fact sexually assaulted.

The UN and Uruguay investigations are not looking at the evidence provided to the Haiti Judge.

They are looking at evidence which does not show that anything happened as bad as the evidence provided to the Haitian judicial system.

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Wilfrid says...

well, you know who cnn is?

what should you expect?

this is haiti the poorest country in the whole

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