It is imperative for all Haitians to participate. Let share...

Mac Handal - September 5 2011, 10:40 PM

It is imperative for all Haitians to participate.

Let share and pass through the web, important Telephones
numbers and important e- mails where compatriots can call to
protest against ( NEPALESE CHOLERA which is a biological
weapon to disseminate HAITIANS ) so far. over 95,000 victims
and about 10.000 deaths.

Haitians children boys and girls are being brutally gang raped
by U.N. members and soldiers.

(See ABC news and You tube Video)
Who bought the UN in Haiti?

What are they doing in Haiti?

is not so important.

We want them out. Right now.
Make sure to send those phones numbers to all your
e-mails contact.

And please, make at least one phone call
to ask for UN departure from Haiti.

It will be a difficult
Battle, but remember we are resilient, we are Haitians.


212-290-4700 ...

UN headquarter, New york
(212) 963-8681 ...

(404) 878-2276 ...

1-800-658-8788 ...

ABC news


Fox news
info at
enews at

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