Jerk Pierre Alexandre, the MUNISTAH came to Haiti to...

Agent-x - September 5 2011, 10:17 PM

Jerk Pierre Alexandre, the MUNISTAH came to Haiti to assassinate the sons and daughters of Dessalines.

The MINUSTAH came to Haiti because the Haitian financial elite and the Duvalierists were in collusion with the transnational corporations that invited the MINUSTAH in Haiti.

Anyone that have the audacity to say the Aristide is responsible for the presence of MINUSTAH in Haiti is a revisionist of history or willfully misrepresenting the facts or is a pathological liar or all the above.

The Libyan situation is analogous to what happened in Haiti during the abdication and kidnapping of Aristide.

So save your bullet for yourself and other traitors like you that were bought cash by the Haitian financial elite and the foreign axis of evil that are the traditional enemy of the Haitian people.

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