I take time to read a lot of comments on this page. Everything...

E. Reyme - September 2 2011, 9:20 PM

I take time to read a lot of comments on this page. Everything makes sense in politics.

We are all Haitians and we need to understand the process.

If we have a constitution, we must follow it. I do appreciate President Martelly as well as members of our parliament.

Per our constitution, the senators and deputies followed exactly what is required by the constitution.Even we desagree with them, they did right.

On the other hand, our president, for not having a majority, must enter in negotiation and form a government of consensus.

I give him a 'D' for not working harder to carry a temporary majority and start his government.

President Martelly tries to have it all. Effective leadership must understand the rule of sharing when in minority

Instead, he opened the fight.

If he continues as such, he will never secure a prime minister.

My advice to him is to open a service of liaison with the parliament, negotiate by any means, and secure a temporary majority.

That way, he will get rid of those trying to block his way.

Your contributor is a former Haitian Congressman, a former senior secretary to the Parliament,
A Master in Strategic Leadership,
Founder and President of Reyme Consulting, LLC

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