Brother, a country cannot be ruled based on what you just...

E. Reyme - September 2 2011, 8:35 PM

Brother, a country cannot be ruled based on what you just said.The constitution must be respected...

We got Duvalier, Aristide, and preval, all dictators because they did not apply the principles of people's constitution.

If Martelly misses this very first opportunity, we anticipate a dictatorship in Haiti.

The question on the table is not who is friend of Martelly or Clinton; the question must be who is able to work for this country'in limbo'.

Please all rememember that same Bill Clinton, to get Haitians' votes in 1996, sent Aristide back to Haiti with an occupation force present in the country until now. Do you believe Clinton?

Did you forget how Clinton lied to the Congress, forged the 1994 boat phenomenon, authorized the US embassy in Haiti to finance the massive 1992-1994 exodus in Haiti.

Clinton is not a good card in the democratic game of Haiti.

This is fact. I was witness of all that. I knew what was on.

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Excellect choice. They did not Rouzier because he was...

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