Some good and innocent people died during January 12th of...

Laurice Mariveau - August 30 2011, 12:29 PM

Some good and innocent people died during January 12th of 2010; also some pigs, cows. chickens dogs and even mosquitos died on that day. Who knows why these gang of 16 terrorists and chimeres were able to hold post under fraud.

But one good guess would be they are there to show us why our system has been suffering from diarrhea for so long.

I have been reading on this screen, and a person who signs under 'Viv Divalie' said that he or she was not a Duvlaierist or Lavalas, but was willing to scream Viv Divalie feeling so horrible to Haiti in the situation that it is. I can not help but to sympathize with Viv Divalie on that note.

These people have turned Port Au Prince into what is difficult to find words to define.



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