Now that titide has protected you and the other lavalas in the...

Vive Duvalier - August 29 2011, 7:21 AM

Now that titide has protected you and the other lavalas in the east coast of the USA where he collected over $250.000.000 US dollars from the diaspora for the coorporative agenda to help thoses haitians to return to Haiti; may be you should pray that he would start praying for the 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 haitians who will be visited by cholera.

The cholera that we have because all of you 500,000 in the east coast were praying for the Haitian Military to be dismantled, so that MINUSTHA could come and bring Haiti the gift of cholera.

Hey! Ensemm Ensemm all you fanatik fatra forgot to ask titid
not to manipulate the evil powers of the underworld at midnight on that dark 35 degree rosicrucian ceremony where the newborn baby was bled to death from her eyes in the palace
squashed in a pilon
the blood was passed around to all those male ougans mostly from leogane
the flesh was eaten
the pieces of the baby's bones were given to each of his twelve head chimeres
the pilon was burned with every one of them taken the ashes for their family members to initiate them in the evil and twisted cult of docte titid's brand of Rosicrucian Order
If you asked him not to that back on that as a pact with the evil powers of nature for the lavalas members, then January 12 would not happened in Haiti.

But i suppose you and titid are very glad for january 12, because you did not have to burn anyone as sacrifices to the evil spirits, instead you thanked the evil spirits for all those deaths especially the pregant women and the newborn.

Agent-x docte titid should give you one of his bibles with the backward cover to make it worthy of people like you and keep the evil fatra in the lavalas minds.

Mange ak tata pa mem bagay Agent-x
Moush ak paillon pa vole mim kote Agent-x
Parfun ak pete pa la meme chose Agent-x

Mwoin konin ou gin fatra pouw voye monte mwen gen pou netwayew
Kom ou konin propte toujou pi prop pase fatra
By the way, why does his wife look so sad?

I bet she never had good climax resulting from some delicate patient caress around her keneps.

I bet her mangoes have never been given the gentle lickings that they deserve.

I bet her circumferences have never yearned for the gentle tender spicy pains makes a woman loose her breath sometimes as they bite their teeth.

I would love to work that and bring a forever smile on her face.
I would just to put some serious dog pressure on her sugar walls.

I know can stretch that out side to side,
titid's daughter are in love with Sweet Micky they wear pink underwears
and sing sak pa kontan all the time



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