Jean-Pierre Alexander, I am going to give you advices on how...

Agent-x - August 29 2011, 7:13 AM

Jean-Pierre Alexander, I am going to give you advices on how to improve your vocabulary and can portray yourself as a human.

I cannot be liable if the police arrest you for impersonating human.

I do not expect a baboon to be proficient in human language like a wordsmith but I think that in the future you can curtail your plebeian, uncouth and disgraceful type of languages when you are trying to communicate with humans.

I feel your pain, frustration and hope for having the courage and audacity by taking the bold step to communicate with humanity and expressing your views about human problems, struggle and triumph.

Despite of your coarse and vulgar vocabulary which is the reflection of your intelligence index, I think that Social scientists that are working on Applied Behavior Analysis-ABA, intraspecies communications, interspecies communications, semiotics and linguistics should give you a reward similar to the Nobel Prize because you are a pioneer in the study of inter-species communications
Nevertheless, before you could improve your vocabulary, you need to change your attitude by improving your intellectual curiosity while decreasing your pornographic curiosity.

Stop buying pornographic materials like the American soldiers overseas; buy small size books that will fit in your pocket.

Smaller books are portable while large size books are inconvenient to carry.

Take a hammer go straight to your living room and smash your TV then do the same in your bedroom.

This action will liberate you from watching filth, violence they are showing every 9 minutes and from being indoctrinated.

A review of your writings shows that you have a fixation with guns, killing and sex. Your writing shows that you chose vulgarities and slangs because you succumb to the globalist

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