If this report is true, we need not to look any further. Haiti...

Lionel Vernet - August 10 2011, 11:28 AM

If this report is true, we need not to look any further.

Haiti is under the International occupation and they want to get rid of as many Haitians they can so the land will have only a few Nationals who can't do much about them taking our beautiful Haiti.

Already foreigners possess much of the land and they are still buying.

Soon Haitians will be foreigners in their own country.

What we need is a National Uprising: From the North to the South ! From the East to the West !From the Cities to the Ghettos.

From the Plains to the Mountains ! From the Diaspora to Haitian Born Citizen of other Nations ! And to the Many Friends of Haiti around the Globe.

WE ALL NEED TO SAY A BIG " NO " to this occupation.

Let Haiti to Haitians ! Non-Haitians are welcome to Haiti ! But with respects for the Citizen of the Land ! God help us !!!

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