I think as leaders we need to be very careful of the term that...

Maxo Louis Jean - July 22 2011, 9:01 PM

I think as leaders we need to be very careful of the term that we used when we to get into power.

My belief is that the people will feel desapointed beccause they are now learning that the word "FREE" does not mean no cost. so i think i would have been great to make the people clear on the issue of free housing.

But at the same time i don't believe in freeness and futhermore where the government will get the money to build houses to give away for nothing.

oh please all of us who live oversease know very well that what we get from government is a result of tax deduction, so in other word we get back what we have been given to the government.

Do haitians in haitian pay the government a cent fron their pay cheque?

we all know the answer.

all i am saying here is that the president is right but at the same time he should passed the free house phrase with clarity so that they nation will not dessu in his promises.


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