Shame on so call dispora I don t like that title haitians are...

Jj - July 16 2011, 4:11 PM

shame on so call dispora I don t like that title haitians are always against themself they should be proud to give $1 to their country for educaation give the president a chance seat wait to see what our president will do if clinton ask $1 or $10 it will be praise him and he care for haiti it willbe ok come on get get your gripp, your priority straight how give credit to forgneir or to our owns I rest my case I which the president set a fund for emergency of $10 collectingto each haitian enter in the country visitor and the one oversea to contribute proudly freely minium $10 for emergency fund at least will help us to gain respect and able to respond in our need at first hand haitian will have some respect in the front of the world especially USA please haitian let see futher of our nose like mother use to tell me during my study outside of my home land we are in the bottom of the page let change it extende your hand to the president our country I never meet the president a wish I am hoping to do so someday to give him my sincere words haitian please be reallistic americais built penny by penny let give a gourde for a good cause education and emergency fund

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