Agent-x, when Haitians talks about educations, i truly, really...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 15 2011, 9:41 PM

Agent-x, when Haitians talks about educations, i truly, really get confuse.

Only Haitians are educated in the world.

I was told ounce by a guy whom don't even finish elementary school from somewhere in Haiti that all Haitians are well educated naturally, i am thinking you are one of us.
Remember well educated men and women F-u-c-k-e-d Haiti and still doing it.
You and Aristide are two looser.

Also, Volpe like plunger, i like broom.

I notice you are in a mission in the behalf of Aristide, i already talked to all voodoo priests in Benin not to deal with you.
This time we are watching Aristide very close about sacrifices.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre Says... Kontinye reve, bann...


Bonne Anniversaire President Aristide 15 Juillet 2011

Bonne fete President Aristide. Ad multos annos.Le monde entier estavec vous.

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