Jean Pierre Alexandre Says... Kontinye reve, bann vole...

Agent-x - July 15 2011, 4:27 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre Says...

Kontinye reve, bann vole, kriminel, map gin tan foure yon bwoi bale nan tou bouda nou tout't.

Agent-X Says

What to expect from a self hatred criminal like you with a Justin Volpe mentality.

This is the same mentality that produce criminal like Boss Paint, Ti Bobo, Guy Phillipe, Emmanuel toto Constant, Bernard Gousse and other butchers.

The only difference between you and them is that you are probably far less educated and more degenerate than them.That is why you are limited to a vocabulary of vulgarity.

Its reflects the type of mentors you had during your upbringing and formative years.

It is indicative of your anatomy of thinking.

No wonders what legacy you will leave for your children.

Without ambiguity, you clearly shows that you are the lowest of the lowly.

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Kontinye reve,bann vole,kriminel,map gin tan foure...


Bonne Anniversaire President Aristide 15 Juillet 2011

Bonne fete President Aristide. Ad multos annos.Le monde entier estavec vous.

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Agent-x,when Haitians talks about educations,i truly...

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