Haiti in trouble

Amonnon Louis - July 15 2011, 4:27 AM

When you were born in a country where crime considers as normal, government corrupted and injustice updates every second, the one you believe in is the one who plot against your interest; God inspires the blind as His messenger to warn them on upcoming event.

From 1804 to 2010, my country degrade from time to time and no one intended to improve political affairs on the behalf of the residents of Haiti.

Something must be done believe or not, because the Haitian people overwhelm of misery and deception.

Never ask what your country can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your country "Words of a great American president" The one who provides adequate knowledge in Haiti, you think who can fly above all dilemma to come with a new perspective of change to accustomed the nation with, is the one who brings more calamity and desperate for the nation.

I fly above my expectation to seek for the key that locks Haiti my country in black hole of the desperate and the underdevelopment since its existence, finally, I found the key it is inside the book DEJA-VU THE COLLAPSED OF HAITI, A WARNING TO THE WORLD LEADERS.

My name is Amonnon Louis, I am Haitian citizen, born into a great family honestly and comprehensively rich. I am the eleventh child of my mother unfortunately she died. I am 46 years old born to the west of Haiti in the locality of La Gonave on June 22 1964. I started school very late that means at age of 16 base on my parent comprehension.

I was very intelligent nothing was a challenge to me. I dropped high school at age of 25 and I returned to school after a long period of time. After high school I went to a technical school to take industrial mechanical course, after sixteen months I was graduated.

I have got married a pretty and wonderful woman January 25 1999 we have 3 beautiful daughters, Kensflore, Ernestine and Abigail.

Unfortunately, I left them since 9 years to live myself in United States because of my political opinion.

Now I live Naples Florida, 2340 52nd terrace SW 34116

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