Mr Martelly has no government yet how come taxes are imposing...

Max Mills - July 14 2011, 11:06 AM

Mr Martelly has no government yet how come taxes are imposing on the poor people who are trying to make ends meet. I am wondering if he has a budget 2011-2012 to impose tax on certain items so we people will have an idea where the money will go.

He said this is for education but how much is the target, what about the other sectors which need attention .Did he mention his plans in the parliament so they can accept or refuse in favor of the public.

Although everything in the parliament is masquerade but Mr Martelly needs to remember that is the people who put him up there so if has mischievous ideas to double cross the diaspora who are trying to send their monies to their love ones is a big mistake.

He seems to me that he has lost sight of his visions for the poor. La jeunesse Haitienne remember the Sweet Micky 's song in 2005 " jeunesse la di Haiti pap kraze min ballon nan pye yo " So today he has a different mind.

I do not think the American Congress will need to vote on this because other countries will be involved such as Mexico which is one of the biggest remittance receiver and also Cuba without mentioning the Eastern countries.

So we need to stand unify to know his real plans so we can participate in rebuilding the country.

As long we know the good cause there is no need to be pancked.

(se mwen ki di'l )

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