First of all it's a wishful thinking to think UN would or...

Tiba - July 3 2011, 7:54 PM

First of all it's a wishful thinking to think UN would or should compensate Haiti/Haitian familly for KILLING their families and love ones by contaminating them with cholera.

This is not an accident, or coincident, or an unfortunate mistake.

This was a well intentional fatal conspiracy to kill and eliminate as many Haitians in the shortest time as possible.

The Nepalese government Military commendors knew very well those soldiers had cholera, and therefore, UN in turn knew about those soldiers having cholera, but decided to send them to Haiti anyway because they know that Haitians do not have a human value to them.

In a perfect world, Ban Ki-Moun should have been called for interrogation and so the Nepalese commendor(s) for causing such grief to the Haitian people and causing such a negative and disgusting stigma against Haiti.

Unfortunately, we're living in an imperfect world, and therefore, too bad but Haitians would have to suck it up because 1) it is the white masters having fun at the expense of the Haitians people, and 2) the Haitian so-called government can care less about what happens to Haitians.

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