JeanPierre Alexandre has N stage Syphilis

Kandjo - June 30 2011, 7:03 AM

The reason that Jean Pierre Alexander writing is a compendium of filth and morbid criminal intentions is that he has congenital syphilis.

He is currently at the N stage of the disease.

His mother died from the disease because she was an ill reputed woman that specialized in entertaining dogs for the US Marines in Croix des Bossales.

Do not get offended by his insane remarks.

Disregard or don't read his filth because they reflect him and his painful past.
If the economic situation was better in Haiti, his mother would have been in a better job and would not have been subjected to such degrading job which caused her painful death and has some dire consequences on the brain cells of her son Jean Pierre Alexander and his siblings.

An American doctor managed to send the family from Croix des Bossalles to A children Hospital in Miami at 3100 Southwest 62nd Avenue, Miami - 305-666-6511.

Subsequently the family was transferred to another Hospital in Boston at 49 Robinwood Ave, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts - 617-522-4400 and finally they were sent to Creedmoor Psychiatric Center 79-25 Winchester Boulevard Queens Village, NY 11427, 718-264-4000, for acute mental health and acute Syphilis treatment.

Four months after Jean Pierre Alexander arrived in Creedmoor hospital; he ran away and ends up in the East Village in Christopher Street where he infected thousands of those that share his lifestyle.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Kandjo,you wasted your time just for this? Kandjo,you forgot to say i was a human Guinea pig in a lab research. Kandjo,you forget to say the... more »

Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine (France), le 2 juillet 2011 Bonjour, MonsieurJean-Pierre Alexandre, Sachez que la p more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Monsieur Henri Claude St-fleur, Merci beaucoups,j'ai le sida aussi. Comme vous ne croyez pas au sida. Avez vous une idee efficasse aussi du sida? more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Mr Henry Claude St-Fleur,I am very happy for your advise,but i have full bloom aids too. I know from your previous message,you don't believe in... more »

Dr. Viktor Brack says...

Monsieur Henri Claude Saint Fleur,la syphilis chez mon patient Jean Pierre Alexandre est congenital.La p more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Dr Viktor Brack,vous etres un cretin par profession,un charlatan comme Aristide qui apprivoise trop dans la politique detachee Lavalassiene. more »

Richelle says...

JeanPierre,why you let those toubouda fon by their boyfriend aristide get to you.Can you ignore them,they are lavalas they have no shame of... more »