It seems we past the point of trying to reason why Rouzier was...

Jim - June 22 2011, 8:33 PM

It seems we past the point of trying to reason why Rouzier was rejected.

We all know the truth that Inite as a political clan wants to remain in control.

With Rouzier as prime minister, they would effectively be out of the inner circle of power.

It has been about 40 days now since Martelly was sworn in and the former ministers from the previous government have resigned, but in fact, they are still in control and drawing a salary, until new ministers are appointed.

This benefits the Inite clan.
What is clear is that the Inite clan is against the interests of the Haitian people.

They are trying to protect their own political and financial interests.

Political interests to keep them in a position so they can continue with the corruption as usual.

This is not just hard ball play, but an open war. When you consider that overwhelmingly the Haitian population is hungry, lots of people need shelter, healthcare, education, employment and deforestation in Haiti is worse than an urgent problem, (and this is not something new) and what the Inite clan has done about all this?

Nothing! The clan is playing political games to stop reforms from taking place.

It is for the Haitian people to see this as an open war and that these people are actively trying to undermine Haiti

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