Is Haiti For Sale?

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 15 2011, 6:07 PM

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oil Developers want the Island of La Gonave: Is Haiti For Sale?

A summary of the "La Gonave Master Plan":
The developer, Global Renewable Energy, claims to be focused on "alternative energy projects," and has already pitched the plan to "buy" the island of La Gonave to the Haitian government, yet a public disclosure of the status of any agreements is unknown outside of the principles involved.

The developers' first priority is to build a "crude oil refinery", "petroleum product tank farm", "food processing plant", and "industrial port" in the planned "industrial city", but they are promoting their project (Ironic at all to call it the "La Gonave Master Plan?") as an "island paradise and business mecca", that will be a "home for international business and the destination for world travelers." Why develop La Gonave?

Because "Developers within the energy sector will be more likely to assume the risks due to the large profit margins that may be realized by them." GRE minimizes the environmental impact that an oil refinery on La Gonave will have, saying:
"The oil refinery is created from mini-refineries.

This type of refinery has much less impact on its surroundings.

The refinery will be located within the industrial city and visually isolated from the rest of the island by the Jatropha Plantation.

Additionally, the refinery and industrial city are located on La Gonave

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