Agent x, very sad you asked me to raise my R/H, for the record...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 14 2011, 7:01 AM

Agent x, very sad you asked me to raise my R/H, for the record i would not.
Look further with your investigation.

It's look like you love to see bodegas.

I have so many certificates, wich one of them a show to your female agent?

We don't kidnap, we makes you leave on your own, you see what i mean &*$%.

I don't know any tonton macoute involve in such activities you've mentioned above, sorry sir.
If you let me know or give me names, i will in deed talk to them.
Aristide was not kidnapped, Agent x get over with it.
Aristide can tell you the truth if he want, too bad he lost a bolt in the head.
Face reality.

Just see Haiti moves forward like gentleman.

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Thank you Mr. Alexander the Great for stepping...


On Martelly blog someone is impersonating me as Agent-X

Since May 29th 2011 I have been experiencing denial of services (DoS) from The Martelly

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If Aristide was not Kidnapped, why your masters tried...

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