The people who are under the tents have one way or another way...

Jojo - May 28 2011, 1:07 PM

The people who are under the tents have one way or another way to get out. They are simply waiting for free house.

They think the international or the government are going to hend out free house to them like if it was a bottle of water.

They can return to the provinces were they came from, or live with family members.

I know a woman who was working for me as a maid. she never has a house on her own. After the earthquake she went to Jacmel with 3 teenage sons. She came back under the tents again thinking she is going to own a free house.

They have to let them know clearly there will not be free houses.

They should move on. Some of them are plain lazy. Why they do not to go plant in the villages.

People send their children to school doing agriculture.

They prefer to call people overseas to send them money while waiting for FREE houses.

Kick them out of the tents and they will find a way to live.

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I am sad that the goverment had to make that kind of...

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I can

That is true they need to go back to the place they...

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