You make some good point jojo but I do not agrre with you when...

Elsie - May 24 2011, 3:20 AM

you make some good point jojo but I do not agrre with you when we ca not live in our own country if today american government said that it will kick our ass out of his country you will take the street in washington to protest and call the government racist.

don't you think that you used aa act of racism against your own citizen.

that is one of the reason haiti will never go anywhere.I'm from the country side here I'am in u.s. if I did not have the possibility to move to the big city could I be here today?

I"ll explain you my brother left the country side at 17 went to portoprins work in a factory and became the factory general manager once as weel as own its busseniss.

thanks to him I live in U.S. now and can provide for my friend and family as well as meet the american dreams.

I do not have a house neither a car but I send my chidren to private school and oversee every year for vacation, if you deprive those that want to reach their dream from staying in their own country I ca tell you you need to go yourself to haiti

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