In which planet are you living? The church is the problem...

Jojo - May 24 2011, 12:59 AM

In which planet are you living?

The church is the problem.

church and politic are ONE when they should be separated.

If you still do not understand that Aristide is the biggest ploblem for Haiti, you are far from the reality.

Aristide is an instigator, divider, the devil in person.

He cannot even be redeemed, because he does not see the evil in him.
I prefer thousand Martelly over Aristide.

I hope he keeps his mouth shut and stay put where he is, otherwise they will kick him out.
Haitian have to change their mentality, by force.

Martelly needs to build prisons to pack them. They are lazy, stupid and need easy money.

They stay under tents, tinking government will give them free houses.

Some came from the villages to stay in Port-au-Prince, as begger, leaving the land they could cultivate and live and raise their children.

Send them to their village to cultivate, they are too lazy and stupid.

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If you think Martelly will do anything, you don't...

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