10 things to bring Haiti to the 21st Century 1) Agriculture...

William Jusme - May 22 2011, 11:56 AM

10 things to bring Haiti to the 21st Century

1) Agriculture.

Haiti needs 9 organizations like ODVA (Organization Development Valley Artibonite) to reorganize Agricultural System.

The canals are too deep; the soil needs to be analyzed to determine the kind of plants that will be profitable for the country and beneficial to the soil. Too many small parcels of lands are cultivated by too many small individual farmers.

We must have an administrative intervention so the small farmers can get the most production from their lands.

It is obvious that Haiti is a tropical country, but yet, we are still buying agricultural products from other countries.

Something is really wrong with this picture ladies and gentlemen.

If we can revert that, we can save millions of $$ going to someone else countries.

In return, we will create more jobs at home and build confidence in our agricultural system.

2) School is a necessity in any country in order to have a well cultured society.

I believe in it so much because my mother and my father did not have the opportunity to go to school.

They always talked on the idea how they lives could have been different if they had a scholar education.

I believe education is so essential in rebuilding Haiti.

School must be available everywhere in Haiti from East to West and from North to South.

Everybody from the age of 4 to 17 should be required to attend school.

From the age of 18 to 48 shall be compensated with a gift certificate for attending school.

Amount or type of certificate is to be determined.

3) Creole Official Language: The majority of Haitians do not speak French.

Why addressing a group of people in a language that they have no idea what the speaker is talking about.

Creole must be rewritten so it has similarity of French.

For example: Nation in French can still pronounce and write as nation in Creole, Jesus en French can still pronounce write as Jesus/Jezu in Creole.

Our children learn Creole from home, by the time they go to school, they are taught in French.

No wonder why we are so behind in everything.

Take an educated man or woman from United States to China.

Give him or her a test in Chinese you see how bad he or she is going to score on the test. Speaking French becomes a profession in Haiti.

Why a banker or an insurance agent speaks French to a customer who does not speak any French, Why a Senator or Congress man or woman who speaks French very well gets to dominate the floor?

Those who cannot speak French very well keep their mouth fasten.

They may have some great ideas, but they are afraid to open their mouths.

Haitians wake up. We are digging our own graves.

What is wrong in making Creole our official language in the whole nation?

How can we build anything or get anywhere if we cannot understand each other?

Why camouflaging by hiding behind a broken French to make people believe that you are something that you are not. Even if you spoke French very well, It does not mean anything.

Last time, I was in France with the United States Navy, I met a lot of poor broke French people.

They seem to speak French very well, but they were broke.

Haitians wake up. You are sleeping.

French is not a profession.

It is just another language.

I think we should focus on Spanish and English before considering French.

French is just simply another language.

We have been on that mode for more than two hundred years, it is not working.


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