I am not surprised at all because we have to remember that our...

Myrtho - May 22 2011, 8:25 AM

I am not surprised at all because we have to remember that our system of government was based on corruption for longest time .It is normal practice for even the police to be very unethical.

This department needs to be under new management and new training with new rules and new payroll regulations .Eventhough teachers and police officers have the lowest paying jobs, a regular pay check will help in providing for their family needs.The new President needs to find a way to deliver a secured salary to those people who are responsible for the security of the country .A manner that will bring an influx of tourist visits in Haiti which will contribute to one of the financial resources needed to put the country on track.Even the richest countries rely on tourism for economical changes.This cannot be done overnight but many offering incentives can change people attitudes toward a more constructive brainstorming specially our own.

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