The problem with a Haiti is that there are crooks on both side...

Jynee - May 11 2011, 3:27 PM

the problem with a Haiti is that there are crooks on both side of the atlantic, crooks in haiti and crooks in the Diaspora.

many of the current crooks are educated abroad and return to Haiti for the spoil, ex: prime minister Bellerive.

Until Haiti has rule of law, good decent people are going to stay of of politic because it's dirty and Haiti is more blatantly grimy because you can lose your life. unfortunately there are Haitian in the diaspora who's allegiance is not haiti but their pockets and their rich friends abroad, of course, many in the diaspora are good decent folks and so are those in Haity but many of these decent folks are scared to enter politics.

so to me, I think it's best to concentrate on how we in the diaspora can help Haiti in the private sector.

Private sector create jobs so as long as you can own property be a mayor, I think that is a good compromise.

being a mayor is not to take lightly, a mayor can revolutionize a whole city and it is easier to change a city than a whole country.

so fair is fair, those that endure the calamity of Haiti should be the ones who get to run it, you can't be living in the diaspora and then too cho too bouke, ou vle president.

besides its time Haitians start to understand that you don't need to be president or senator or depute to change a country, look at Frere Armand in Pandiassou.

do what you can, and if you really have the urge to run for high office in Haiti then don't naturalize, renew your green card every ten years and keep it moving.

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