I think Haiti needs to reform the presidential electoral...

Jim Egalite - May 11 2011, 1:03 PM

I think Haiti needs to reform the presidential electoral system in such a way that it is impossible for anyone to simply appear, form a political party and become a presidential candidate.

What a joke. Reasonably, the criteria should be such that the system has a regional or pre-electoral elimination process so that in the end, really, you have three or four serious candidates.

That way, you would force people to have a political discourse and agree on many issues within the same political party or umbrella and have one leader representing the broader view. This would force Haitians to learn to agree and to conscent on perspectives in general and this can only be good for the country.

One fundamental Haitian problem is that they do not accept objections to their views or perspectives.

It is the fight of flight reaction.

No, they should learn to agree to disagree without fighting or violence, something essential for the fragile democracy that is taking place in Haiti.

As a result, the conditions for a political party to propose a presidential candidate could be made so extreneous that only serious organizations would be able to meet them. With respect to independent candidates without a party, again, the requirements could be so high that only rarely would such a candidate appear on the scene.

This could only help the haitian political system to create and build consensus and agreement between the actors for the greater stability and less acrimony politics in the country.

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