Haiti says YES to Dual Citizenship

MULTIPLE NATIONALITE, new law in Haiti, a new day for the Haitian Diaspora - Haiti now recognizes all Haitians regardless of your other nationality.

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So now, it doesn't matter how many other nationalities you have, if you are a native-born Haitian, you are Haitian... Epi that's it!!!

Haitians with other citizenships have been fighting for years to get this law passed in Haiti.

Many who have held political office in Haiti have lost their position when it was suddenly discovered that they have another nationality.

This new law is is a reversal of Article 13a of the 1987 constitution of Haiti which states: "Haitian nationality is lost by Naturalization in a foreign country" and also Article 15 which states: "Dual Haitian and foreign nationality is in no case permitted. "

Some believe that these constitutional laws were set up specifically to keep Haitians living outside of Haiti OUTSIDE of Haitian politics.

This is better than Dual Citizenship, Haitian lawmakers voted in favor of Multiple Nationalities as one of the new amendments of the Haitian constitution?


Does that mean you can be president if you are a native-born Haitian you've renounced your nationality? (if you have another citizenship)

I don't know but there are lots of other ways you can serve your country...

We don't have the full details of this new law but I am sure there will be lots of "IF" clauses attached to it that will prevent Haitian-Americans and other Dash-Haitians from jumping off a plane and running for political office in Haiti?


What do you think about this new law?

What about the sons and daughters of Haitians living abroad... Are they Haitian too?

What do you KNOW about this new law?

Do you think it is a good or bad idea... and why???

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Bishop Thomas says...

fantastic for Haiti - the people with the biggest heart outside Haiti (Haiti diaspora) can now help there countrymen more freely...the EXPERIENCE CAN HELP BRING 'GET IT DONE' AND 'ACCOUNTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS' THRU THE EXPERIENCE OF THE DIASPORA ADDED TO THE EDUCATED OF HAITI but without experience due to financial conditions in Haiti...

this will speed the process to help Haitians living within the country - Better than politics or outside governtnments

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Once again, the economic elites of Haiti don't want Haitians in the Diaspora to become president or legislators in Haiti.

We must put aside all political preferences and find away to empower Haitians in Haiti in the days ahead to overthrow this racist policy.

Their reason is this: "They don't want us to sell Haiti to foreign countries." However, they are selling Haiti every day to foreign countries by refusing to create jobs in Haiti for Haitians.

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine(France), 12 mai 2011
Voicice que j'ai

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Jim Egalite says...

I think Haiti needs to reform the presidential electoral system in such a way that it is impossible for anyone to simply appear, form a political party and become a presidential candidate.

What a joke. Reasonably, the criteria should be such that the system has a regional or pre-electoral elimination process so that in the end, really, you have three or four serious candidates.

That way, you would force people to have a political discourse and agree on many issues within the same political party or umbrella and have one leader representing the broader view. This would force Haitians to learn to agree and to conscent on perspectives in general and this can only be good for the country.

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine (France) le 11 mai 2011
Que les lavalassiens et les Membres

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine (France) le 11 mai 2011
Que les lavalassiens et les Membres

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Pwenfepa says...

Definitivement, ce pays n'a aucun respect pour nous autres qui nous sacrifions quotidiennement pour garder ce pays a flots comme une nation.Sans sa diaspora, Haiti aurait longtemps cesse d'exister, non pas seulement du fait que nous sommes l'epine dorsale de l'econonomie haitienne mais aussi et surtout pour les pressions que nous sommes a meme d'appliquer a l'exterieur.

Rien d'etonnant que les cancres du parlement ne veulent pas que des gens competents viennent leur retirer de leur pedestal dans ce pays ou ils regnent en seigneurs et maitres sans que la boue et le fatras les gene une seconde.Ils sont a l'aise dans cet environnement et ils ne font rien pour le changer.

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Moise Sybelclelia says...

I think this is a good idea but so manay people gonna run for haitian political place but they have to deal with it and bring other law to prevent it.Like you need at list in each department something that you done to help the

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Richelle says...

Diaspora can not go to haiti to clean the streets.

Haitian who lives in haiti are the one who dirty the streets they need to clean it themselves.

Haitian need to learn how to keep their land clean, stop throwing trash in the street.

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