I'm sorry guys but your resons are not rational enough. We...

Robert Stewart Mcnamara - April 29 2011, 1:23 PM

i'm sorry guys but your resons are not rational enough.

We know the huge responsability that our army have in crimes, coups and drug dealing.

whenever it is question of an haitian army we think of the D.Rep. we sholud stop hating eachother.

we didn't choose to born in on side of the frontier instead of an other.

we should stop seeing the dominican people as an ennemy.

we have better things to do, better challenges: about 2 milion people are homeless, schools and hospitals are down. 3/4 of the active population is jobless.

these are great challenges enough for five years.

we cannot solve all our problems at the same time. And we need help from all countries and all people including from our neighbor in the Dominican Republic

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