Mixed Emotions - Does Haiti Really Need An Army?

Haiti President Martelly promises to reinstate the Haitian armed forces but the question being raised is: Does Haiti really need an army?

USGPN - Haiti Police

Before you answer YES or NO, please note: Our neighbors, the Dominican Republic, has a military force that is 44,000 strong!

Guess what...

One of the missions of the Dominican Military is to control contraband and illegal immigration from Haiti to the Dominican Republic...

Don't you think Haiti should also have a military to "control" contraband and illegal immigration from the Dominican Republic to Haiti?

According to Wikipedia, about 40 percent of the Dominican military are utilized for non-military operations, including security providers for government-owned non-military facilities, toll security, forestry workers and other state enterprises.

Don't you think Haiti should also have a military to assure the reforestation of Haiti, border patrol, security of non military facilities, etc?

Don't you think Haiti should have a coast guard to safeguard Haitian citizens who are getting on rocky boats for a voyage of no return?

There are 3 islands off Haiti's shore line: La Gonave, Ile a Vache, and La Tortue. What happens if a boat load of Haitian citizens is in distress? Do we call the U.S. Coast guard and hope they arrive on time?

The Dominican armed forces participate fully in counter-illegal drug trade efforts according to Wikipedia.

Don't you think Haiti should also have a military to participate fully in counter-illegal drug trade efforts?

Why am I asking all these questions?

Because... I just read an article on the Miami Herald that states:

"An army's role is to defend against external enemies. But Haiti has none."


Does the Dominican Republic have any "External" enemies?

Why is it that the Dominican military is second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean?

You think they are afraid that Haiti might invade again?

Or perhaps they realize that having a military has other NATIONAL purposes...

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Haiti Anti Elections Protesters Clash With Police   Haiti Anti Elections Protesters Clash With Police  

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Woodlyne says...

Country with the best policy, their army or police officers still act like idiot.

Haitian government need to put punishment in place to any individual who violate rules and regulations of the army or police officer for sole purpose.

Army and police need to have respect to the poorest individuals.

I think an army would be great to defend Haitian

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Fito Ceuss says...

We may need a professional army which can we police itself.

Haitians have a tendency to follow the easiest path, if it doesn't get our way we tend to destroy or break things to make it fit. We do not act collectively that's why we keep making 1 step forward and two steps back. The Army should work for the benefits of all people according to rules and regulations, laws of the land and presidential power.

But Haitian Army has a tendency to worship one man, follow the money and obey the individual with the biggest guns. We are not ready to have an Army. Intensive education is needed before we can have a lethal force in Haiti.

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Mitch says...

WOW. Pastor how in the world do you face your bible?

how do you read it?

how do you call your self a DR.?

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Grenadier A L Aassault says...

No it will be not an army or military.

The real name will be "Le corp des assassins" It objective will be to kill any Haitian that criticize the Americans and their puppets in Haiti.The empire will meet his Waterloo in Haiti despite of their 11 aircraft carriers, drones and atomic bombs.

We will make history a second

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Larry Couture says...

While a national response to the next emergency disaster might be needed, in the short term the idea of an armed military is nonsensical and far down the list of priorites,

Larry Couture Mpls MN Haiti donor since

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Rebecca Mcdonald says...

The questions should not be does Haiti need an army it really should be Haiti needs many many things and I don't believe that an army is or should be high on the priority list. Health, Education, roads etc etc are all more important than an

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Mark Gill says...

given the limited budget of Haiti, how will an Army be paid for?

Can Haitians afford higher

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Wilson Boue says...

Yes we do need an army to protect our interest, just like any other country in the area. there is no mix Emotion among

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Yves Gagne says...

Dear Haitian Critic, aprreciation is given to: "Education for all Haitian Children".

I do not disqualified Haitian Education System...at the contrary...I want it accessible for all the Young Population of Haiti...

(not only for the Elite).

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Amen says...

Yves people like you that disqualified haitian education.

when you said that haiti have to many illiterate you mean that all those people that are finishing 3rme secondaire are illiterate.

haiti need a revaluation of the system before those that not educated there doesn't have to devalorise our system.

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